Oh, Yeah, Folks. It's Winter Out There

Windy, snowy drive back from Topeka filled with astonishing beauty

The wind was blowing so hard that I had to keep both hands on the wheel to avoid being blown off the road as I headed back to Wichita from snowy Topeka today.

About six to eight inches of powdery snow was on the ground so gusts of wind brought swirling snow and temporary whiteouts.

No wonder it took almost 50 miles into the trip to notice something awesome about the view between blasts. Snow-covered countryside always has a peaceful, Christmas-card kind of look, even at 60 mph with both hands on the wheel.

But today as I headed into the Flint Hills, I was thrilled at the incredible, pristine beauty of one of nature's true gifts to Kansas. The occasionally swirling snow in the valleys and the white tops of the hilltops dotted here and there with ranch homesteads made for miles of thrilling scenery.

I didn't think it was possible to find anything more beautiful than the lush, green Kansas Flint Hills of June. But the Flint Hills wrapped in a sparkling winter blanket just might do it.

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