OK, I Admit It, I've Overwhelmed by Your Reaction

Response to editorial on political negativism shows Kansans are still engaged in the political process, still care about candidate's values

OK, I have to admit that I'm astonished at the phone calls and e-mails I've gotten in just the few days since the July magazine came out with my editorial talking about my disillusionment at the basic values that have gone away in our political system.

I have to admit that the overwhelming positive reaction I've gotten really is reassuring. It is also surprising. I really didn't expect to hear from anyone. And getting 11 phone calls and 18 e-mails (still counting) tells me I really struck a nerve here. Overwhelming people agree with me that we have lost some critical values in the way we think about issues and the way we treat people.

Is it possible for us to translate this into action in our daily world? Can we insist on some level on civilization and kindness in our daily surroundings?

Please, folks, give it a shot. Try treating the people around you with a new level of consideration and courtesy.
Assume the guy next to you at the lunch counter is your new boss. Treat him like that. See what happens.You don't have to grovel anywhere for anybody. Just treat people like you would want them to treat  you. Remember that Golden Rule and live it. Is that really so hard?

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