OK, It's Cheesy, But I Couldn't Stop Myself; I Got An Autograph

When you get a chance to meet an icon, you have to forget about being cool and just go for it

I admit it. I'm one of those geeky people who collect autographs.

So, today at No-till on the Plains, when I got a chance to meet Steve Wozniak and collect his autograph, I couldn't resist.

I stood in line with a couple hundred other people, all clutching something appropriate for autograph and waited my turn to say something to one of the inventors of the computer age as we know it.

He was an enormously pleasant man who started the day's discussion with "no time limits for me, let's just talk," and settled back to answer an array of questions and offer advice to about 1,500 no-till and thinking about no-till farmers that packed the arena of the Salina Bicentennial Center for the event.

Wozniak talked about bucking the trend and doing something new and different and compared the pioneers of the PC to today's no-till leaders, assuring them that will be a "take-off moment" for them too.

He remained patient, friendly and unhurried as the line moved and re-filled with more and more people who wanted a chance to say hi, shake hands or offer a comment.

He signed the back of my registration badge. I shook his hand and assured him I'll someday buy an I-phone. Maybe even an I-pad. They're giving one away here tomorrow.

Now there's a drawing you don't want to miss.

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