OK, We Set a Record. Is It Over Now?

Wichita hits 17 below zero for an all-time record. And that's NOT wind chill

I'd like to think that the worst of winter is behind us now. After all, we're crowding in on the middle of February and while we have a long way until snow is  unlikely, the bitterest cold should be over. We hope.

Wednesday night set an all-time record for Feb. 9 in Kansas with an overnight low of 17 below. That's air temperature; figure in the 15 mph wind (which, by Kansas standards is but a breeze) and we hit the real cold that I remember from my formative years in the frozen tundra of Minnesota.

Our snow topped out at about 10 inches, which wasn't too bad since it was pretty light and fluffy.

And since it's Kansas, we have highs in the 50s in the forecast for the weekend so it will be but a memory by this time next week.

The good news is, when the wheat greens up, which it will in the next few weeks, we have a nice, long drink of water waiting for it.

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