One More Time: Relying on Foreign Supplies Is Not Good

H1N1 vaccine woes remind us again why we should do it ourselves

As the H1N1 pandemic spreads and health care providers wait for shipments of vaccine, America is getting yet another wake up call that relying on foreign suppliers just isn't the best idea.

Here we sit embroiled in debate on reforming health care while a wide swath of the public succumbs to pandemic flu. The vaccine that was supposed to be in plentiful supply early enough to ward off the worst is delayed in France, where it appears there just aren't enough hen eggs to go around.

Never mind the pitiful lameness of the excuse. The bottom line is that someday this country has to wake up and realize that when it comes to making sure that America has the products America needs, we need to do it ourselves.

That means energy. And food. And technology. And weapons. And medical supplies.

It doesn't do any good to put out a year's worth of warnings about a coming deadly contagion if you hand over your ability to manage the crisis to a third party over whom you have no jurisdiction.

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