Peanut Recall Gets More Confusing

No immediate answers emerge on intermediate testing.

I guess some answer is better than no answer. I heard back from the FDA on the peanut issue on why such a tiny company could spur such a big recall. They say it's because the peanuts went to various distributors who sent it on to more and more.

My follow-up question was don't intake facilities test the safety of their incoming products before they dump them into the vat?
For YEARS, the HACCP protocol in meat processing has required additional testing at critical access points. Surely, the addition of a new ingredient qualifies as a critical access point. So why does it just dumped into the vat?

One answer is because USDA controls meat processing and FDA controls other food processing and the rules aren't the same.

Whoo, boy. Is it possible Michael Pollan has a point?

The thing that really bothers me is the picture that the general public is sitting around waiting for the government to make them safe from any and all threats. And worse yet, industry is sitting around waiting for government to pass a law requiring every possible aspect of personal responsibility be taken.


Your average Joe Blow does have to take more initiative to take care of himself. I won't argue with that. But business and corporate America have to step up to the plate too. You know what is right and honest and honorable. Do you REALLY have to have a law compelling you to do it? Business at large claims to want less government interference. Is this the way to get there?

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