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Phone in Those Tire Pressure Numbers

Here's an idea, use your smart phone to maximize tire maintenance...really.

Running the latest machines these days can really boost your profitability helping you cover more acres in a day. But do you have your tire pressure set right? Chances are you don't, and if you're using the newest radials you're not getting all the money out you may have invested.

Inflation pressure is a big deal and you can run lower than ever before, reducing compaction and improving tractive efficiency if you're set up right. Now comes a new website - built for smart phones - called designed to make it easier.

This is not an "app" and works with any web-enabled smart phone, tablet, or other computer. It is, however, optimized for mobile users because that's when you need to have the information - by the tractor or combine, not at the office.

Designed by Titan Tire, makers of the Goodyear brand of farm tires, this website is designed to work with any brand of metric agricultural radial tire using information from the Tire and Rim Association.

NO MORE BOOKS: Looking for tables to set tire inflation pressures isn't needed anymore with a new website from Goodyear Farm Tires. All those tables have been translated into a helpful mobile-friendly tool.

Scott Sloan, product engineering manager, Goodyear Farm Tires, notes that inflation pressure is the "most important aspect of tire maintenance and should be adjusted based on load." Balancing inflation pressure with load will add life to your tires, but you don't always have inflation tables in the field.

Goodyear offers information from studies done by Ohio State University showing that over-inflating a 20.8R42 radial by as little as 8 psi can decrease the footprint area by 33%. Smaller footprint usually means less traction and greater compaction - radials offer excellent floation when set right.

The new website can help you find that tire's sweet spot. So take a minute to check it out - the site helps you determine axle weight and other important factors for getting inflation pressures right. Check it out today.

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