Problem Solving Might Be Best Way to Avoid Government Regulation

When we see a problem, why do we wait for some kind of law to solve it?

It seems to me that one of the things we have lost in recent years has been the ability to recognize and acknowledge problems and look for ways to solve them without third-party intervention.

The current situation with the future of an adequate supply of water for Kansas is a great example.

For 30 years, we have been aware that what we are doing now is not sustainable in the western half of the state. More recently, we've seen a huge problem of sedimentation in the federal reservoirs of eastern Kansas, threatening the storage capacity that guarantees an adequate water supply to homes and businesses in times of drought.

Agriculture will be at the epicenter of any discussion on what to do and our way of life could be seriously impacted. We need creative solutions to really, really complex problems.

Starting with the January edition, Kansas Farmer will be offering a series of stories to explain the history and scope of water problems in Kansas and explore solutions that will allow us to both keep our way of life and have adequate water supplies for our great-grandchildren.

I'm hoping you will follow the series and the occasional discussion questions on this blog.

Which start today with:

What regulation pertaining to your water rights are you most concerned about? If you could do any one thing to pre-empt the need for regulation, what would it be? What stops you from doing it?

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