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The Promise of the Prairie

The Promise of the Prairie

The cold winds are blowing again, but take heart in this image: it will be spring eventually and you'll be planting corn eventually.

Snow. Wind. Cold. Repeat.

It's been a long winter in the Midwest, and it's only February 5. My children are home for yet another snow day. I'd like to say we're crafting and baking and getting along and being kind and good helpers and everything, but you all know if I said that, I'd be sitting on a throne of lies. At best, we are survivors, weathering another snow day and dreaming of planting corn.

Outside, the livestock waterers have been frozen and unfrozen. And frozen again. And unfrozen again. The prairie farmer is surviving but they'd rather be planting corn and it's just getting old. Am I right?

It's the Promise of the Prairie: spring will come. Eventually. Surely.

So I am clinging to this promise today. That no matter how long this winter, spring is sure to follow. Soil will be turned. Seed will be planted. Plants will sprout. The sun will shine.

Right? Right. It will be spring again. And we'll be planting corn. Eventually.

In honor of that little promise, we have created this image. I shot it a couple years back and it's one of my favorites. The Promise of the Prairie. Planting corn. You can pin it, and you can share it, and you can click this link to download a version sized as computer wallpaper, if you are so inclined. (When you click on that link a larger image appears, just right-click on it and select "set as desktop background" and you're all set!).

And take heart; it will be spring. Always.

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