Rain Interrupts Push to Get Crops Out of Field

Full week of warm weather gets harvest going; much still to do

A hard push during the warm, dry weather last week found many farmers making good progress toward -- finally -- get fall crops out of the field. But rain on Monday over a wide portion of southern Kansas means that getting wheat acres seeded is still WAY behind schedule.

With deadline for insuring next year's wheat crop already past in many areas and looming in the rest of the state, many farmers may not seed all the acres that had expected to plant to wheat this fall.

"I'm thinking we may see a big drop in wheat acres," says Terry Koehler, who managers Farmers Coop at Garden Plain. "I don't know that people are going to be able to get milo out in time to get wheat in before the deadline."

While rains were not heavy in south-central Kansas Monday, the air was damp and showers were sporadic -- easily enough to grind harvest to a halt.

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