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Ready to roll, rumble and whatever

Ready to roll, rumble and whatever

Midwest growers finally get to 'strut their stuff' with planting underway, at least when it's not raining, or snowing.

It's that exciting, I mean frustrating, no exciting time of year again. I mix and match frustrating and exciting because I think planting time brings both to every farmer whether you're talking corn, soybeans, dry beans, cotton or sorghum (you pick your favorite crop).

There's the excitement of loading a planter on a warm sprint day and making those methodical row-by-row passes where you progress across the land you farm. Of course, for some, you're progressing across the rows faster than ever before with those high-speed electric meter planters. But even those of you with modern more conventional planting equipment are enjoying this timely, and sometimes timeless work.

For Midwestern growers, it's that time of year again - planting. Enjoy it, but be safe.

There's the frustration of the fast moving rain, or the occasional late-spring snow (I do live in Minnesota) that stalls your planting efforts.

There's the fun of perhaps bringing a son or daughter into the cab to drive the tractor (or with new tech) ride the tractor in the driver's seat as the machine puts in the crop. Those family moments are priceless times to talk with your kids, show them how you work and what goes into starting the process toward creating the fall paycheck.

There's the frustration of the tractor system, or software, that won't work right, stalling you at the side of the field just when the weather is perfect for planting. The need to 'reboot' your tractor is something granddad never would have had to worry about (even now granddad may not know what 'reboot' means).

This yay-boo of spring where there are many ups accompanied by a few downs are part of this heritage we call agriculture. And there's one other thing that should be part of this season - safety.

So as you get the planter rebooted, loaded and ready to plant, remember to take a breath, take an extra look around and safely put in this crop for 2015. You'll be able to then reap the reward with a harvest paycheck later this year. It'll all be worth it for you and your family.

Wishing you a safe, and productive, planting season. Oh and once it's in the ground, there's the excitement, frustration, excitement of a growing crop too!

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