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Really, Really Clinging to Spring

Really, Really Clinging to Spring

Did it snow at your house this weekend? Is it officially the longest winter yet? Or does it just feel like it?

I am writing this on Sunday evening and it snowed today. On March 16. Not just a few flurries but actual blowing, heavy snow. It didn't amount to more than an inch but it was miserable going into church this morning. It was apparently a great day fro a calf to be born, because we had four. My husband was leading worship at church this morning and the best thing he could say about it was how nice it was to be warm inside with our church family. Way to make the best of it, baby!

But seriously, spring has to come at some point. Right?

(Although it's ringing in my head how Waterstreet Solutions market analyst and former Farm Progress marketing editor Arlan Suderman told me a few weeks ago that the Midwest is destined for a cold, wet spring, thanks to air streams coming down across the very frozen Great Lakes and colliding with moist Gulf air, right over the top of us.)

And so, I decided it was a good time to share this image again. Because it's one of my favorites. And with weather that's going from no-jacket-needed to blinding snow 24 hours later, we all need a little reminder: No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow. It's the Promise of the Prairie. You can pin it, and you can share it, and you can click this link to download a version sized as computer wallpaper, if you are so inclined. (When you click on that link a larger image appears, just right-click on it and select "set as desktop background" and you're all set!).

Hang in there; we'll be planting corn...someday.

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