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Reflecting on a Farm Show

Finishing up a big event gives a little bit of a pause.

It's quiet as I write this blog sitting on the Farm Progress Show site, I hear the occasional rumble of a Gator roll past, the random shout as someone arrives to start setting up. I get to Farm Progress Show site each morning by about 5:30 or earlier, depending on the year, and enjoy this pre-show quiet.

We've had an interesting year at the show. Rain on Tuesday helped us keep the dust under control - but didn't dampen field demonstrations. Day 2 brought overnight rains that delayed the open, but as I told some exhibitors, we have hearty readers who know about rain and the show. And many of you good readers were surprised to find that once you got on the show site (or Tent City as some people call it), you didn't slog through mud, but walked on gravel streets dodging a few puddles.

That's the value of our permanent biennial site strategy, we can take the rain and provide you a show experience. And exhibitors want to see you. Perhaps the biggest change this year is that continued intensification of what exhibitors are doing on site.

Visitors to shows these days won't find a big bunch of bands performing in tents, but they will find informational sessions on new technology. Given how fast things are changing, these informational seminars are growing in value. And I know it because I've been involved in my fair share.

It's a change in the show that's for the better. Just how will attachments that catch corn cobs help you get in the biofuels market? What precision ag tools are you putting to work? What is telematics and how can it help you (more on that in a blog next week).

Next week I'll run down a few new tools we came across at the show. Got a question? Send it to me at [email protected].

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