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Rush Limbaugh Becomes Spokesman for HSUS

Radio host to record public service announcements on behalf of HSUS.

Sure, dog fighting is wrong. And so is abusing your pets. And yes, I’d like to see every shelter animal find a nice loving home. But that still doesn’t mean I’m going to support HSUS.


Rush Limbaugh, however, doesn’t make that distinction. He’s recently recorded PSAs for the Humane Society of the United States, voicing his opposition to dog fighting and his support for shelter animals.


The thing is, HSUS doesn’t run any shelters. They’ve effectively pulled the wool over Limbaugh’s eyes - something they’ve become pretty good at. To the public, HSUS is all about puppies and kittens and protecting our beloved pets. Dig a little deeper and you learn that their real goal is to end animal agriculture, and they’ll do so by any sneaky, manipulative way they can.


Limbaugh makes a point of saying that he’s with HSUS “on this issue.” But he also says he’s researched HSUS’ work against animal cruelty and is impressed by them. HSUS scored a major coup with this one. A lot of folks think Limbaugh is just another windbag, but you can’t underestimate his very loyal following.


Now’s the time to let Limbaugh know what you think. Tell him what HSUS is really about and why animal agriculture deserves better. Tell him what you do and why you do it, and why it matters to people who like to eat. Flood his email inbox with the truth about animal agriculture.


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