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Scrap Direct Payments?

Early feedback from readers looks to cut direct payments, simplify crop insurance and help the little guy.

Last week, I asked for your opinions on what the next farm programs should look like.

Early feedback?  In no particular order:

*Scrap direct payments ("Do we really need them with $7 corn? It's just plain silly.")
*Cap direct payments
*Define small farms (maybe under 1,000 acres) and come up with equation that is fair to them
*Good luck getting anything out of the House
*Simplify crop insurance ("The government would save millions or billions of dollars by just offering the RP coverage.")
*Lower commissions to crop insurance agents
*Money saved from simplifying and lowering commissions could subsidize premiums, lowering the cost to farmers

So there's that.

Your thoughts? Let's continue the conversation. Comment below or email me at [email protected]. I'd love to hear what you think.

And one more thing! Want to read more about government programs from someone who's likely seen it all? Former Illinois FSA Director Bill Graff has an excellent blog and regular podcasts. Check it out when you get a minute. And who doesn't have a minute? It's still raining. Boo.


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