Selecting the 'Right' Tree a Process

Experience for grandkids yields tree of vast proportions

I entered Christmas season 2009 with a firm resolve that this is the year I would take as many of the grandkids as could appreciate the experience to the tree farm to pick Grandma's tree.

So off we went. Me, a son-in-law for help, and five grandkids ages 8 to 2. We bundled up. We walked and walked and walked and walked and looked and looked and looked. We argued over the best qualities of dozens of trees.

And finally, we found one that we all agreed on. Or maybe we just grew too tired and too cold to keep looking. But it was beautiful, perfectly shaped and had a straight truck; my main requirements. And we took it home in triumph.

Only to have Grampy Dave, who had initially declined to join the trip, declare it far too wimpy for the job. Not quite six feet tall. No way is this big enough. We need a BIG tree. So we agreed to donate the perfect tree to a local charity and head back to the farm -- Grampy Dave now in tow -- to select something big enough.

Of course we found it. We found a Scotch Pine worthy of the White House or perhaps the atrium of the mall. This thing is HUGE. It centers nicely on the patio door. I had to scotch tape the star to the top because the tree scrapes the ceiling. The dining room table is moved out all the way to the kitchen. This is not just a Christmas tree. This is a TREE.

 Grampy Dave smiled in appreciation of his wisdom. I shook my head and dug more ornaments out of storage and made a trip to Home Depot for more strings of lights.

 Of course the kids love it. Chloe announced that she knew all along the original tree was way to small and THIS tree, this one is just perfect. Jackson clapped wildly when the lights came on.

I'm resigned to having the living room dominated by this oversized behemoth.

Then, I hear Chole and Alyssa describing the experience to their friends in Brownie and Daisy Scouts.

"It look all of us to make it perfect, even Grampy Dave who didn't want to at first," says Alyssa. "I think it takes everybody to really make a great Christmas."

You know, for a six-year-old, she's pretty wise.

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