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Setting suns and 30 Days

Setting suns and 30 Days

The sun has set on a 30 Days series here at My Generation, but many great bloggers are carrying the torch forward. Stay tuned for good reading!

Somewhere in the vicinity of 6-8 weeks ago, it occured to me that November was coming. And with it, 30 Days of Blogging. I entertained the idea of a sixth year of 30 Days for several seconds and then slapped myself upside the head, because reality. As much as I really, really like 30 Days, my new responsibilities - and the fact that I've been working a shy three jobs for several months now - mean it's just not in the realm of possibilities, if I want to be a sane person who sleeps at night and isn't actually a nightmare to live with. 

However - HOWEVER - I have been so excited to hear from several bloggers who are carrying the 30 Days torch forward with their own series! If you are one of them, drop me an email with your link. I still want to feature your 30 Days series. And believe me, I've seen some great ones out there. Keep your eyes peeled this week; I'll be back with a blog full of links to some great reading. 

In the meantime, though the sun had to set on the My Generation 30 Days, I leave you with my favorite recent sunset shot. This sky. The Illinois prairie. I die. 

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