Skies Are Blue, But Storms In The Forecast

Severe thunderstorms could hit central Kansas this afternoon and tonight

It is a picture perfect morning as I head out to the 3i Show -- blue skies, light wind and lots of sunshine.

But we are being warned to watch the skies this afternoon and tonight as the potential for severe storms is building.

I stopped by to talk to meteorologist Chance Hays at the National Weather Service booth and he promises to keep the "heavy duty radar" up and running to give show goers the latest information on what is developing.

But, Hays says, the chances of severe weather, even tornadoes, is sufficient to have the National Severe Storms Laboratory in Norman, Ok., moving into central Kansas with its Vortex-2 project today.

Vortex-2, like its predecessor, is designed to help weather scientists crack the mystery of why one super-cell will drop a tornado and another that looks identical on radar, produces only rain, wind and lightning.

Most people are wishing for a rain as the rapidly growing wheat, combined with some really windy days, is using up topsoil at a fast clip. And rain would also delay planting a day or two and bring more visitors to the 3i Show.

Tornadoes we can do without.

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