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Spring is Coming! Really

The inevitable march of the seasons will bring spring to the can almost feel it now.

There's a growing sense of urgency in the country. In the South planters are already rolling but farther north where Nature is apparently playing some mind tricks, spring seems delayed. After last year's super early start I'm sure many readers think they're already late. However, I'm sure many are happy to see whatever moisture they can get.

Our friend and meteorological colleague Greg Soulje is already predicting a more active weather pattern, so the chances of getting moisture for planting and growing a crop have improved. Good news and fingers crossed.

For those of us who cover agriculture, but who aren't living on a farm, we don't always get that excitement and energy that comes as you all wait like runners in a starting block to get planters rolling. But I know when I visit family and friends in Iowa soon I'll get that feeling. Sunnier days, and even the hint of warmer weather gets people excited.

We've already seen pictures of folks getting ready for planting. Farmers Curt and Chris Hudson, who are taking part in that Pursuit of 300 program, ran an image in their blog that got a lot of folks' attention recently. They're getting their planting rig ready to roll as many of you are. Exciting times for sure.

Yet as I look out my office window a fresh coating of an inch of snow, and a forecast for multiple inches of the white stuff next Monday seem to be keeping spring at bay. While we know spring is inevitable, we've already determined that Phil the Ground Hog can't predict the weather any better than your local TV newsman; that climate change doesn't always mean warmer; and that no matter what happens you're planting anyway.

Perhaps the biggest sense I get this time of year (beyond the fact that Holy Week is near) is the sense of faith. For farmers, you borrow a lot and pay a lot to plant a lot all based on faith. Faith that you'll get the weather you need; faith that the seed you bought will perform as promised; faith that all your investments will yield an income to help you stay on the farm and raise your family.

Faith has been paying off pretty well the last few years, but it's never easy. As you roll into spring and you get that planter going (or if you already are), please keep safety in mind. With more tractors heading up the roads and fewer drives patient enough to pay attention, you need to be extra careful.

Have a great planting season. And I have faith that you'll do just fine.

Got a planting story you'd like to share? The comment area below is a super place to offer up your perspective.

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