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Stand Up for 4-H

A new CNN blog asks for opinions on 4-H and livestock - and the anti-meat folks are saying a lot of nasty things. Make sure CNN gets your opinion!

Ok, 4-H fans, here's a prime chance to weigh in on the value of what you believe in!

A CNN blog,, is asking today whether 4-H and its livestock production lessons are bad for kids. They are asking for opinions, based on response to their earlier blog on buying local food from 4-H members. That blog generated a lot of comments that divided into two camps.

Some like this:
I don't and would never support the 4-H. This group helps desensitize youngsters into having no emotional attachment to animals raised for food. For those who say no one should have attachment to animals raised for food, I say "of course". This is how the meat industry stays in business. If children are raised to love all animals and not try to see them as products, they would not be interested in seeing them killed. "Listening to the auctioneer and seeing how excited the children get when their animal is purchased is an incredibly fulfilling experience."
Really? Incredibly fulfilling experience. You mean knowing the animal that trusted you from birth is off to be mistreated before being slaughtered! That's fulfilling? Maybe that's because the 4-H has successfully desensitized these children who may have once be appalled by this. It's simply horrific. Shame on you 4-H for what you do to animals and to children. - Heather King

And some like this:
What 4-H does do is promote responsible animal husbandry and the cultivation of food resources in a responsible, ethical way. I accept your position that any killing of animals for food is, in your position, not ethical or moral, however most of us are omnivores and I for one would rather that those producing the meat I choose to eat do so in a humane and ethical way. I respect your position, but I would also hope that you would rather see people brought up to understand, and therefore demand, that there an ethical way to treat an animal even if that animal's eventual purpose is the nourishment of a human being.
Desensitization is the wrong word–education is the right word. These kids (I was one) are not at all desensitized to the process–rather, they are educated about proper raising and care of these animals. Not only was I a member, but growing up we also purchased meat and produce from 4H and FFA members–talk about locally sourced! We could be confident in the quality, origin, and raising of these products in a way we can rarely be in a supermarket. - Value rather than desensitization.

So far, they have over 1,000 comments. Please take a moment, click here, and share your thoughts on the value of 4-H and its impact on your family and your rural community. Remember, the best advocate is respectful, tells it straight and keeps it clean. If you would, after you comment there, come back here and let us know.

Let's not let those who want to take meat off the market smear the good name of 4-H!


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