Summer Is Officially Over; That WAS Frost . . .Or Was It?

It was really cold and really rainy, but was it a real frost or is everything still growing

Summer, or late summer, isn't really ready to let fall move in.

Wichita is still waiting for a frost that flattens the garden and officially marks the end of growing season.

Yesterday was rainy and cold, but was that a REAL frost that dusted parts of the lawn?

I thought so until I looked at my garden this afternoon. It pretty much looks like everything is still growing and nothing was flattened and the geraniums have never looked healthier. So I'm thinking, maybe that wasn't frost after all and this may be one of those years that the flowers are still blooming at Thanksgiving.

At least, it did actually rain enough to measure in a gauge and the up and growing winter wheat crop sure did need the moisture.

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