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Sweden in Photos: the Farms

Sweden in Photos: the Farms

A look at Swedish farms via photographic lens. And let me tell you, the cows are picturesque. Swedish cows know how to work it.

August 2012 has been one of those months that we've braced ourselves for, for a long time. I had my two trips, first to Albuquerque for the Ag Media Summit, then home two days and off to Sweden. Then I returned home from Sweden a week ago, and John left 24 hours later for tiling school at Iowa State. Basically, we high-fived at the door. While he was gone, we showed and sold Jenna's steer – with fantastic help from my brother-in-law and mother-in-law. Oh, and in the middle of all this was Meet the Teacher Night and the first day of school. And now we leave for the Farm Progress Show! (Will I see you there?)

Sven the Cow Man show off the King's Simmental cows.

So I hope you'll forgive the absence of blogs and Swedish photos. I have them. I just have yet to process them all! So here, another chunk of photos, this from our first day of touring the Swedish agricultural countryside. Pinch me.

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