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Tales from the Garage, and other minor catastrophes

Tales from the Garage, and other minor catastrophes

Think you couldn't ever back through your garage door? Think again. Also, think of unfolding planters and machine sheds.

Do you ever have those weeks where you just have a lot on your mind? And then, things just happen? Like, say, coming thisclose to backing through the garage door?

Don't think it can't happen to you. The danger is real, people.

I have a handful of fears in life, like plugging the grain leg, doing something catastrophic with the semi and now, backing through the garage door. As it turns out, I'm not alone. More than a few of my fellow farm wives have shared they have, in fact, managed to back out without opening the garage door. They'll add that the event will A) never be forgotten, and B) not a conversation they ever want to have again.

For some reason, our husbands don't understand how this could happen. Unless, of course, something worse happens. Like, say, them hitting the machine shed door. Or unfolding the planter…in the machine shed. Hypothetically speaking.  

Certainly, it's not that we'd want bad things to happen to others. But once upon a time, John accidentally shot our dog – a long story that involved a creep feeder, a raccoon and a stray bullet, and it was a flesh wound and she was fine. But I lived for a long time on, "Well, at least I didn't shoot the dog."

At any rate, I hopped in the car the next day to take the kids to school and put the car in drive instead of reverse. Came thisclose to hitting the wall. Decided I should stay home after that.

By day three, Tales from the Garage had become a thing at our house. We got in the car that day and seven-year-old Caroline very helpfully reminded me, "Don't forget to shut your door, Mom!" She's a giver. And they've lost all confidence.

And this story from my farmer friend Susan: "I need to tell you about a farm lady who once told me that they parked their car for years in the little car shed next to the house. Her husband decided to put in an automatic garage door for her birthday. Well, she went out in a hurry one day and backed right through it. Her husband went and got a new one and just marked that one up for experience. Shortly after, while her husband was standing on the sidewalk just outside their house talking to a seed corn salesman, she jogged out to the garage, jumped into the car, and backed right through it again. She kept going and waved goodbye at them and her husband didn't miss a beat and just waved back, while the seed corn salesman just stood there with his mouth wide open."

I think I would've liked to have seen that.

May your week be better than mine was. And if you do blow through a garage door, be sure to wave on your way out. 

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