My Generation

Thanks and Giving: Country Churches

Day 7 of giving thanks…for little white churches in the country.

This is Checkrow Community Church.

On any given Sunday, a couple hundred people from a handful of small towns and rural townships gather to worship. We fellowship, we compare harvest notes, we catch up, we worship. It's the place where my husband was raised. It's the place I attended when I was but a girlfriend, and where I first heard the complete salvation message. It's where it all began to make sense. It's where my little kids race downstairs to Sunday School and soak up the Word of God every Sunday morning.

It's a special church, but it's not the only one. All across the countryside, Bible-teaching, Bible-preaching churches are reaching out to their communities. They have long histories, and large farm families in their pews. And I'm grateful for them all.

Thanks & Giving Day 8: Co-Workers

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