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Thanks and Giving: Grandparents

Day 23 of giving thanks…for grandmas and grandpas and Special Days.

Years ago, my mother-in-law started a lovely little tradition with her grandchildren. Starting at age 3, she takes each of them on a "Special Day" for their birthday. It's become quite the thing around here. In fact, plotting for next year's Special Day often starts right after this year's is experienced.

Here, Jenna and Grandma Sharon are about to embark on Jenna's most recent Special Day. Note the pink purse straps and the excitement glimmering in her eyes.

In general, a Special Day involves a trip to Peoria or Galesburg, where they do anything including, but not limited to: shopping, going to a children's museum, painting pottery, trying out all the guitars at the music story, getting nails done, visiting the John Deere dealer, and more stuff that I probably don't want to know about. Basically, they follow the birthday boy or girl's interests and spend an entire day of quality time.

I can hardly think of a better way to bond with your grandchildren.

And I can hardly overstate what a blessing grandparents are in my kids' lives. I learned the other day that the Greek for "blessing" means "supremely happy." That right there may be the very definition of a Special Day with Grandma.

And besides, who else will not only let you do this to your nails, but actually pay someone to do it for you? You can't see her grin, but that is one happy granddaughter.

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