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Thanks and Giving: Rest

Day 14 of giving thanks…for a nap wherever you can catch it.

When you're tired enough, you'll sleep just about anywhere. On a bed, a couch, a truck seat, a show box, or with your favorite bovine.

Take these kids, for example.

They'd been up since 5 a.m. to load the trailer and hit the road for a suburban Chicago school. By this point in the afternoon, they were pretty tired. The sun was pretty warm, and the calves were pretty soft. And as someone who's also napped next to her favorite heifer, I'll tell you it's a sweet spot for a nap.

You have to be careful where you sleep, though. My brother was famous for falling asleep at cattle shows, maybe because we'd been up since 4 a.m. or something. Once at Louisville, he fell asleep on a few sacks of feed. Dad decided to mess with him, and 3M'ed his hat onto his head. Let's just say my brother was not happy, and his anger may have been misplaced. But I was innocent. That other time, though? When he fell asleep in a lawn chair at the State Fair and our buddy used the spray bottle to make it look like he, ahem, missed the bathroom? I might have had something to do with that. But then we all went and got Tom Thumb Donuts and lived happily ever after.

Thanks & Giving Day 15: New Babies

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