Farmer Iron

The Return of the Scout

Familiar name makes its debut during the big show.

What goes around comes around I guess. At one time in the old International Harvester days the company had a line of go-anywhere vehicles called the Scout - and later the Scout II. These Jeep-like vehicles were popular for a time, then left the market. It's a big of history in the auto business - and perhaps in the unwinding of a major corporation as well. However, right below is a look at the original Scout from an old ad photo from IH.

The International Harvester Scout was produced from 1961 to 1980.

But during the 2009 Farm Progress Show, Case IH - whose International Harvester heritage is still part of the name - brought back the Scout. This latest edition of the name is a go-anywhere vehicle that the company is introducing into the side-by-side utility vehicle market.

The new Case IH Scout is a line of four-wheel drive utility vehicles, or UTVs as we're calling them these days, to be sold exclusively through Case IH dealers. Top speed for the machine is 25 miles per hour, and there are two base models in the line.

The Case IH Scout is a two-passenger, 14-horsepower gas-powered UTV, while the Scout XL is either a two-passenger or four-passenger machine. Engine power for the XL is either a 23 hp gas engine or a 20 hp diesel.

In it's media release for the new Scout, the company notes that the original IH Scout was the world's first SUV, and the company claims these new Scouts are worthy successors to the name.

The new Case IH Scout harkens to the company's sport-utility heritage.

Here's a rundown of key specs for the new line. The Scout has MacPherson Strut front suspension and independent rear suspension, the driveline uses a wide-range continuously variable transmission, four-wheel disk brakes and ROPS protection. For the Scout XL there's a wide-range CVT, four-wheel disk brakes, ROPS, double A-arm front suspension with coil overshocks and a full-size box with 800-pounds of capacity, or 1,050 pounds with an optional high-capacity kit.

Case IH is also planning to offer plenty of options. Best bet is to stop by your Case IH dealer for more information. The new UTVs are being built to Case IH specs by Cub Cadet.

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