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There's a New Pup on the Farm

There's a New Pup on the Farm

Meet Ralph: English Shepherd, roly-poly, fuzzy, four-legged bundle of energy and activity. And love. Lots and lots of love.

Our family has grown by one, and he has four paws.

Meet Ralph. English Shepherd, roly-poly ball of love and action. Follower of the children. Taker of naps. Chewer of rubber boots. Constant companion.

You may remember our last dog, Mandy. Mandy's been gone for a few months and after a few too many times catching a leaf or something outdoors from the corner of my eye and thinking it was Mandy - and then, sadness - we decided it was time for a puppy.

Meet Ralph. He's a lover, not a fighter. Also, that face!

We couldn't decide what kind, though. John's always been partial to blue heelers. I'm more of a collie/shepherd fan. We hadn't looked at anything very seriously though, until our veterinarian friends mentioned they were getting a puppy from a family in Indiana. Long story, but the info came to them through their vet clinic. Theirs was supposed to be the last pup available then - surprise - an Amishman who'd spoken for one wasn't able to take him. And so, two pups travelled west. 

From there, it's pretty much been love at first sight. Ralph was John's grandpa's name. Grandpa Wilcoxen had draft horses and good friends in the Amish community and from what we understand, one of his good Amish friends named his dog, Ralph. I always kinda loved that. Given our Ralph's (very early) Amish roots, it all just seemed appropriate.

These are happy times on the Spangler farm and believe me - I know it's a matter of time before he's chewing up everything we own/digging up every plant I've ever planted. So I am just going to cling to the cuteness for awhile instead!

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