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Thinking irrigation

Thinking irrigation

This week I'm at Husker Harvest Days, nearly as big as Farm Progress Show, but with a focus on water management.

Different farm shows have different strengths. It could be said that Farm Progress Show is the home of next-season rollouts for all the major equipment makers. Husker Harvest Days gives Western farmers a chance to see those tools too, but the added value is the focus on irrigation.

And I'm expecting to see some amazing stuff this week. New ways to manage water, water use data and more are on tap. I'll be sharing more of that as I learn more. You'll be able to catch of lot of that coverage in the Irrigation Extra section that goes to farmers with irrigation who get the Penton Farm Progress state and regional magazines

Water management is a hot topic for irrigators, and Husker Harvest Days is the place to be.

The value of the new tech combined with data collection will allow farmers to tightly control water use. It might also offer a surprise or two as farmers figure out just how much water they're really using. That should be interesting too.

So stay tuned, I'll share what I can this week, but there will be more in the coming weeks as we learn more about that's hot for irrigation and water use for the future.

And if you have questions or comments about what I'm seeing, just leave a comment below and I'll try to respond in a timely manner. Thanks for reading.

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