Tornado Warning Has Expired for Wichita, Storms Moving East

Multiple Tornadoes, Hail Reported Across Southern Kansas; We're Waiting on Damage Reports

What we know for sure is that a strong line of super-cell thunderstorms dropped numerous tornadoes in south central Kansas over the last two hours. So far, there have been no reports of direct hits on towns and damage reports from the countryside may take a while to trickle in.

A strong tornado flitted through Kingman County and western Sedgwick County and several areas had large hail. At one point, the storm wind shear was measured at 115 mph, so if occupied areas escaped unscathed, we were very, very lucky.

We made dinner into a picnic and ate in the basement. Had a heck of a time convincing the cat to stay downstairs with us, so we brought her food tray down. She thinks we've lost it.

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