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Two Weeks Till 30 Days!

Two Weeks Till 30 Days!

Are you in? Join me in blogging your own "30 Days" of an agricultural topic. Farm blogs are fun!

Two weeks from today is November 1. That means two weeks from today is the start of 30 Days here at My Generation! Oh yes, it's that crazy time of year where I blog every single day of November, all in a series. Just like in 2010 and 2011.

And I have just one question: are you in with me?

Maybe you're a long-time agriculture or farm blogger. Maybe you're just getting started. Maybe you've been skeptically thinking about this blogging thing for awhile now. Either and any way, joining in with your own 30 Days theme could be just the ticket you need to a) share more with your readers, b) kick start yourself in the pants or c) challenge yourself to write even more creatively and continually.

Last year, it was "30 Days of Farms

It's a good time. Really!

Want to join with me? It's easy.

1.   Pick your own ag-related topic.

2.   Blog about your series topic on October 31 and email me the link.

3.   I'll include your link here on November 1.

And just like that, we're all blogging together! Think of the agricultural goodness!

What could you write on? I've heard some great ideas already. The Certified Angus Beef folks are calling theirs "Beef's a Trip: 30 Days of Gate to Plate." And a sweet farm girl friend is blogging "30 Days of Farm Books for Kids." Two very different yet really very good ideas, I think.

Further confirmation that this really will be fun.

Not a blogger? No worries. Just follow along. We'll have plenty for you to read in November!

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