My Generation

Value off the Farm

Don't bemoan kids leaving the farm. They're taking good stuff with them.

It's pretty common knowledge that a lot of kids grow up on the farm, leave the farm, and find a job that's not on the farm. And it's often been pretty easy to bemoan that fact and to wonder what will happen if our kids are all leaving the farm? Who will farm the land?

First off, there doesn't appear to be any surplus of land, lying around waiting to be farmed. And second, it occurred to me as I read this column by Jerry Crownover in our July issue, maybe all these farm kids out working in the world is not so bad. If Jerry's boys are any indication, they're taking a wealth of common sense and working farm knowledge – and real knowledge of how food is raised – and sharing it with their urban neighbors and urban friends and urban co-workers. That's got to be worth something.

Really, you've gotta read this story, if for no other reason than to get to the end, which includes the phrases "philosophy," "A.I." and "rectal palpation," all in one sentence.

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