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We *Heart* Beef…on TV!

Prepping for the chance to promote beef on “You Gotta Eat.”

If you’re from central Illinois, there’s a good chance you  know what “You Gotta Eat” means. The long-running segment on the local NBC affiliate out of Peoria visits one restaurant a week and reviews the menu, food, service and price. It’s a fun little piece to watch, in part because they love their small-town diners. And really, who doesn’t love a small town diner?

Well, big news in our house tonight: You Gotta Eat is coming to a local restaurant Thursday as part of their steakhouse tour, and they invited our
county Farm Bureau manager and a local beef producer to come along. And my husband gets to be the local beef producer!

As exciting as this potential for fame and fortune may be, there are the obvious possibilities like, you know, he may not even be on the air. They may just have them in the background. Or they might ask them questions. Maybe beef questions. Which he could answer in knowledgeable ways.

So I’m gathering up little tidbits of info for him, like:
*Think ZIP: Beef is an excellent source of zinc, iron and protein.
*More than 29 popular beef cuts meet government guidelines for lean, including sirloin, flank steak, tenderloin, t-bone steak and 95% lean ground beef.
*A 3-oz. serving of lean beef provides 10 nutrients for an average of 154 calories. It takes a vegetarian two to three times more calories to get the same protein from a plant-based alternative.
*95% of Americans eat beef.

We also hear the restaurant, The Palm Café in Canton, may or may not be into organic beef. This remains to be seen.

So just in case it comes up:
*There's a lot of misinformation about beef and antibiotics. And beef and hormones.
*We give antibiotics only when necessary, to make an animal healthier. After an animal receives an antibiotic, there's a withdrawal time before slaughter to ensure no antibiotic traces remain.
*In countries where sub-therapeutic antibiotic use was banned, animals were less healthy and MORE antibiotics were used than prior to the ban.
*Even grass-fed cattle may receive antibiotics. They get sick, too, sometimes.
*Trace hormones found in a  steak from a hormone treated steer and a non-hormone-treated steer are exactly the same. Further, cabbage, soy and birth control pills all have exponentially higher amounts of hormone than steak - hormone-treated or not.

So anyway, we may or may not get to share our little bits of information. Regardless, if you’re in the viewing area, You Gotta Eat will air at 6 and
10 p.m. on WEEK 25.

***Update: turns out the invite was from the restaurant, not the TV station. John was interviewed but only on his opinion of the restaurant, not as a beef producer. So, bummer. But still, lots of fun and he did get an excellent steak dinner. And he brought home my favorite dessert. Score! Film at 6 and 10 tonight.


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