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We Went Red...And Met Moms

We Went Red...And Met Moms

Farm Moms hit the city for a fancy-schmancy event, connecting farmers with consumer moms in Chicago.

Remember last week and our Farm Mom trip to Chicago?

A quick recap: fellow farm mom and farm wife Emily Webel and I were invited to attend the "Be Bold Go Red" event in Chicago, held on behalf of the American Heart Association. Field Moms Amy Rossi and Amy Hansmann also attended.  Essentially, our mission was to connect with influential women, via the really very impressive networking skills of Sara Fisher. Sara, for further background, is one of the women behind 2 Moms Media, hired by Illinois Farm Families to connect the program with influential Chicago moms. Remember the 40 moms at the August meetup? They were there in no small part due to Sara.

s a whole, the trip was most excellent. The train ride was lovely and Emily and I spent a fair amount of time wondering how the evening would go down. As it turns out, it was both fun and fruitful. We got to visit with Amy and Amy, and we also met up with a woman Emily met at the August meetup, Lauren. Lauren is a television producer, and she and Sara are already plotting a downstate visit to our farms this summer. Wouldn't that be fun?! I really hope it works out.

We chatted with another woman from the August meetup, who offered a little perspective on some of the city moms' observations. Frankly, she was embarrassed for her fellow city moms. Like those who were surprised we were dressed, you know…normally. Like, not in bibs and boots. That we looked like them. You may recall some of their other observations which led my lovely southern colleague Pam Golden to sarcastically surmise, "Ya'll wore shoes, didn't ya?"

Pretty much. And this young woman was mortified by their comments. She grew up in Danvers so she may have a little more background on life downstate, but still, she couldn't believe they said those things. "We're not all morons!" she laughed.

Noted. Not that we thought that. But I'd be lying if I said we weren't a little surprised by their stereotypes. Bibs? Not since circa 1994. And even then it was a questionable fashion choice.

The highlight, by far, was our meeting with a columnist for the Sun Times suburbs edition, who wants to interview us. Honestly, if nothing more comes from this event than our interviews with this columnist, it will have been worth it.

Illinois Farm Families…chipping away at the misperceptions, one interview at a time. They're doing good work.

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