What a Delight to See New Group Take On HSUS

HumaneWatch.org shines light on true activities of animal rights group

I was delighted to see a press release about HumaneWatch.org, a new watchdog website that will provide commentary and analylsis about the activities of the Humane Society of the United States.

Those of use in animal agriculture have long known the organization does nothing for the pitiful dogs and cats it shows in the television ads it runs trying to garner donations.

The Center for Consumer Freedom, which is launching HumaneWatch, says HSUS raised $100 million last year, mostly from Americans who thought their donations would somehow help local shelters. In reality, less than one half of one percent of HSUS money goes to anybody sheltering unwanted pets. HSUS neither operates nor is legally affiliated with any pet shelters anywhere.

In reality, the money bankrolls an anti-meat propaganda machine, pays for a huge staff of lawyers and provides very generous pension plans for its executives.

The Center for Consumer Freedom also took action this week to ensure that urban-dwellers get the message, taking out a full-page ad in the New York Times to let consumers know that if they send their $19 to HSUS, it won't be going to help pets.

Way to go CCF.

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