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What's the Most Unique Thing at the Show?

My least favorite question from a farm show actually has an answer this month.

Writing about equipment is plenty of fun. There's a lot going on. But there's also a question I get when I travel to a show that gives me a brain freeze: What's the most unique thing you've seen at the show?

After you've walked every aisle and building at a 1.8 million square foot indoor show - Louisville - or traversed the five chock-full buildings at the New York Farm Show next week, that's a tough question.

There's a lot of new stuff out there. From vertical tillage tools using a new disk design to new higher-flex tires, you have too much from which to choose. Add in that I'm to be unbiased and will often answer that I've seen plenty of great stuff. This year I'll go out on a small limb and talk about a couple of items that caught my interest.

Colleague Tom Bechman over at often says he not only looks for new products when he covers a show, but items that catch his eye or interest. Well the following two products do that.

First up is the ProManPTO - an all-terrain vehicle-based system that provides hydraulic drives to run attachments. This is a unique system that involves a custom, high-grade casting bolted to your ATV engine (or side-by-side engine) which can be removed. This hydraulic pump system then links through hoses to the add-on reservoir tank and runs a proprietary hydraulic motor that powers the implement.

This heavy-duty system sure adds a lot of value to that ATV from front-mount mowers to debris blowers and more. The company currently offers six implements ranging from a 60-inch finish mower deck to a log splitter, and will add more in the coming months. The California man who developed the product - a mechanical engineer - is a stickler for equipment that doesn't break down and has tested the products himself.

This bolt on pump is the heart of the PromanPTO system. It attaches using a unique coupling and a custom housing that connects to the ATV or UTV engine. It can easily be removed as well. This is just one part of the system that can power a wide range of implements the company offers.

You can learn more about this interesting ATV/UTV add-on at

Second is an interesting approach to digging holes. When the folks at Danuser talked to customers about augers and digging for posts the biggest complaint they got was the extra dirt the traditional auger would pull out of the ground. It needs to be hauled away and handled, which takes time and labor.

The Fulton, Mo., company took at look at the challenge and created something completely different - Wobble augers. This drill-type head has an offset so as it turns it wobbles. It "digs" a hole but at the same time compacts the sidewalls. The result is no extra dirt, and a smooth hole ready to take concrete. And as Glenn Danuser said, "it sure gets a lot of show visitors asking 'what the heck is that?' too."

Curious about what this is? The Wobble Auger digs a hole without pulling out all the dirt. It'll make digging post holes easier because the finished product is a compacted, smooth sidewall ready to take concrete.

You can learn more about this tool at

I saw plenty of interesting items and picking out these too is in no way an endorsement, but these sure piqued my interest.

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