Where Did Time Go? Jax Is 3 Today

Every Year the Time Goes Faster, But Sometimes You Just Get a Jolt

Not that it was exactly unexpected, but it was still a bit of jolt this morning to realize that my little grandson, Jackson, is turning 3 years old today. He's celebrating by hanging out with Dad and maybe, hurricane remains permitting, heading out to Old Cowtown, where Mom is working and sisters Chloe and Alyssa are running an entrepreneurial lemonade stand with some classmates. They're hoping to get the school year off to a good start next month with a summertime infusion of cash for the PTO.

I've gotten used to time flying by faster and faster the older I get, but it seems this year just vanished. And looking back, I can't believe it's been three whole years since this precious little fireball came into our world.

Thinking about it served to remind me one more time to make sure to enjoy every precious minute of every day. They go by so fast and you never get a second chance to have the babyhood or the childhood back for a "do-over."

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