Winter Blast Appears to be Almost Over

Sudden arrival of winter signals end of easy harvest; ends hope of planting wheat

Well, if the wheat isn't in the ground, it is now officially too late.

Even though the date for full crop insurance came and went in mid-November, there were some folks with milo still in the field who were seriously contemplating late (make that VERY late) planted wheat.

Not any more.

Winter hit like a hammer with howling winds, a foot of snow and sub-zero temperatures last week. That put an end to talk that maybe we really could still plant winter wheat.

It also pretty much meant that people with crops still in the field were in really deep trouble. And there are more than a few out there. Milo, cotton, corn and soybeans are all still standing in some areas, though a couple of weeks of halfway decent weather meant most acres were harvested.

All told, however, 2009 is going to be remembered as one of the hardest fall crop harvests anyone can remember.

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