Farmer Iron

A Year-end Pause

As 2012 winds down, you can look back and look forward. 2013 promises some interesting new products.

I'm not the biggest fan of year-end kinds of stories and I'm not going to load you up now on that kind of content. You can reflect the year you've had and given the drought I'm sure we'll be talking about this one for awhile.

From an equipment standpoint, 2012 was a solid year with a wide range of new equipment launched. In fact next week we're rolling out or new Free Report that'll include all the products we found at the Farm Progress Show and Husker Harvest Days (not all of the new products, but all of the ones we found). And this year it's about 200 products - nearly twice what we normally do.

Yet 2013 promises some big introductions. For example, companies that will roll out their new final Tier 4-powered engines (that's in the 175 hp class and above) will most likely launch new equipment too. The redesign of engines or the change up in power plant design can necessitate creation of a new product. And even though all the farm equipment players in the segment have their own approach to meeting the latest, tightest emission standard, new equipment is coming.

I know our readers aren't a talkative bunch - from a comment standpoint - but if you've got a product/service/innovation you started using this year you want to share below, it would be interesting to see. Innovations you've found of value will help guide our coverage in the New Year. Interaction is good.

As for me? I'm looking forward to attending some equipment rollouts, driving some new iron and telling you about it in 2013.

I'll roll out that new Free Report with the right links next week. So check this space often. In the meantime, you could download or other most recent report: Five Post Drought Strategies for a Better 2013. It's filled with a wide range of information you can use in your operation. Check out the link today for the free download.

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