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YouTube Therapy

Stuck? Post a video! Or if you don’t have a video of your own mess, check out everyone else’s. You might just feel a little better.

There’s a whole lot of variety on YouTube, and wacky farming stuff is just the start. Used to, we all got emails of photos showing some poor guy’s bad day. More frequently, however, those emails now direct us to YouTube, where someone’s posted a video of something like, say, their buried JD 4930 being pulled out of the mud by a nice big four-wheel drive 9300. In case you missed that one, check it out below:

Or even better, check out a real bad day on an Iowa farm. It takes a lot to bury a Quad Trac. A lot of rain, an uncommonly wet spring. Then you go out to spray and stuff just happens. At lunch today, my husband played this one for a group of high school boys working for us today. Their chorus of, “Whoooaaaa!” coming from the office was a riot. And no simple little shaky video here; this farmer spent some time on this one, adding music and captions and everything. As one of the boys said, maybe he decided after getting stuck that he needed to stay out of the field and spend some time inside! check it out below:


If you’re having a bad day, I bet you’ll feel a lot better afterwards.


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