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Tweets to make you pee your tractor seat

Farmers are funny. Here are the top five humorous tweets to #Harvest17.

Farmers have a witty sense of humor, and at #Harvest17 it comes through.

Taking that sense of humor to social media, in this case Twitter, farmers show they love their job and can find levity in a tough financial situation — and share it with the world. It is part of what makes writing about their industry so much fun.

So here are my top five tweets to #Harvest17:

1. Rob Eggert, Minnesota

2. Jeff Knoblach, Arizona

3. Chad Ingels, Iowa

4. Bones, Miles from Anywhere, US

5. Scott Keller, Alberta, Canada

If you need some light reading at harvest, head on over to Twitter and type in #Harvest17 for a few laughs. But make sure it is on an empty bladder.

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