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Group photo: The 2015 Prairie Farmer Master Farmers are (from left) Don Schrader, Waterloo, Ill., John Werries, Chapin, Ill., Bill Christ, Metamora, Ill., and Randy DeSutter, Woodhull, Ill.  Photo by Holly Spangler.



Bill and Sandy Christ farm 1,500 acres of corn, soybeans and grapes, and raise registered Hereford cattle. Photo by Holly Spangler


Bill Christ



Randy and Suzanne DeSutter farm 5,300 acres of corn and soybeans. Photo by Holly Spangler



Randy DeSutter

Don and Karen Schrader raise 1,500 acres of corn, soybeans and wheat.  Photo by Josh Flint

Don Schrader

John and Ruth Werries raise 3,800 acres of corn and soybeans. Photo by Josh Flint


John Werries