2008 Pork Industry Environmental Steward Award Winners Announced

National Pork Board honors winners at National Pork Forum.

The National Pork Board recognized the latest class of Environmental Steward Award winners at the National Pork Industry Forum in Dallas, Texas. These winners exemplify excellence in environmental care and conservation in pork production.

"The National Pork Industry Forum provides a great opportunity for these producers to be recognized by their peers," said Steve Weaver, a producer from Elk Grove, Calif., and National Pork Board president. "It is important to recognize the positive environmental impact pork producers can have. Honoring these producers at Forum allows other producers to get excited about this program."

This year's winners are:

- Enterprise Nurseries of Madrid, Neb., represented by John Csukker and Jill Goedeken;
- Oetting Farms of Concordia, Mo., represented by Sharon and Steve Oetting;
- O'Neel Farms of Friend, Neb., represented by Terry and Diane O'Neel and family;
- Veldkamp Farms of Jasper, Minn., represented by Jim and JoAnn Veldkamp.

Environmental steward award winners receive a plaque in recognition for their strong environmental ethics. Their stories were featured in the Pork Checkoff Report and in an educational video produced and distributed by the National Pork Board.

"The environmental stewards are the greatest spokespeople for the pork industry and the environment," said Weaver. "I would encourage all producers to find out how to participate in the environmental stewards program. The program will allow them to become involved and to make a difference."

The National Pork Board is receiving applications and nominations for 2009 Pork Industry Environmental Steward Award winners. The deadline is March 31, 2009. The next class of environmental stewards will be honored at the National Pork Industry Forum in 2010. More information, as well as applications, can be found online at pork.org, or by calling (800) 456-PORK.

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