2EZ Hay Hauler Handles Up to Six Bales

2EZ Hay Hauler Handles Up to Six Bales

Self-loading, unloading trailer makes winter feeding an in-the-cab chore.

Loading and unloading up to half a dozen big round bales and transporting them is a full-time in-the-cab job with 2EZ Hay Hauler.

The machine, manufactured by GoBob Pipe & Steel, Mounds, Okla., is designed to pick up and unload big round bales automatically, allowing easy transport over the road or across a pasture. Two rails running the length of the trailer support the hay, but those rails can be lowered to ground level to enable them to slide under one or more bales for easy pickup. As each bale is loaded at the back of the trailer, bales already on board slide forward until the trailer is full.

GoBob's 2EZ hay hauler is capable of loading, hauling and dumping hay bales by itself, with only a truck or tractor to pull it.

Another advantage of the 2EZ hay hauler is bales can be picked up, transported and set back down on the same "flat spot" formed when the bale was originally stored. That prevents waste by keeping ground contact to a minimum.

The Hay Hauler carries an MSRP of $10,883. More information is available at (877) 851-2365 or visit www.gobobpipe.com.

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