39 appointed to United Soybean Board

39 appointed to United Soybean Board

All but one are for three-year terms.

United Soybean Board appointees were announced Monday by Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack.

The United Soybean Board was established in 1992 and will increase this year from 70 to 73 members representing 29 states and two geographical units. (Photo: keattikorn/Thinkstock)

Vilsack appointed 39 members:
-Derek Haigwood, Arkansas;
-Cory Atkins, Seaford, Delaware;
-Daniel E. Farney and Doug Winter, of Illinois;
-Kevin Wilson and David L. Lowe, of Indiana;
-Delbert J. Christensen, Iowa;
-Ronald Ohlde and Lance Rezac, Kansas;
-Charles J. Cannatella, Lousiana;
-William H. Layton, Maryland;
-James B. Domagalski and David R. Williams, Michigan;
-James Willers and Gene Stoel, Minnesota;
-David Wansley and C. Douglas Simmons III, Mississippi;
-Neal W. Bredehoeft and Meagan Kaiser, Missouri;
-Gregg A. Fujan and Edward Lammers, Nebraska;
-Wilfrid Bibus, New Jersey;
-Ralph K. Lott, New York;
-Jacob J. Parker and Benjamin Derek Potter (2-year term), North Carolina;
-Jared C. Hagert, Emerado and Darren Kadlec, North Dakota;
-Keith L. Kemp and Steve Reinhard, Ohio;
-Paul Fruendt, Oklahoma;
-John Harrell, Lebanon, Pennsylvania;
-Lewis G. Bainbridge, Ethan, South Dakota.;
-John Dodson, Halls, Tennessee;
-Cameron W. Gibson, Virginia.;
-Nancy Kavazanjian, Jennifer Poltermann and Dan Roe, Wisconsin;
-H.M. (Marty) Kable, Charles Town, West Virginia, Eastern Region; and
-Grant Watermann, Vona, Colorado, Western Region.

The five alternate members: Dallas R. Wright, Delaware; Fred R. Catalano, Woodstown, New Jersey; Elizabeth N. Rudgers, Pavilion, New York; Scotty Herriman, South Coffeyville, Oklahoma, and Ross Watermann, Colorado, Western Region.

All but one appointee (Potter from North Carolina) will serve three-year terms beginning December 2016.

The board is authorized by the Soybean Promotion, Research, and Consumer Information Act.  The Secretary selected the appointees from soybean producers nominated by Qualified State Soybean Boards.  The board was established in 1992 and will increase this year from 70 to 73 members representing 29 states and two geographical units.  The increase is a result of the reapportionment conducted in 2015 that added three members in Missouri, New Jersey, and Wisconsin.

Since 1966, Congress has authorized the establishment of 22 industry-funded research and promotion boards. USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service provides oversight, paid for by industry assessments, which ensures fiscal accountability and program integrity for participating stakeholders.

Source: USDA AMS

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