3i Show Hot But Successful

3i Show Hot But Successful

Show attracts crowds eager to see what's new in Industry, Implements and Irrigation.

It was hot at this year's 3i Show in Dodge City, which made its debut at the Western Bank Expo Center, its new, permanent location July 12-14.

The heat didn't dampen the enthusiasm of the visitors. And while vendors just about bought out Dodge City's supply of portable fans, they left the show mostly pleased by getting what they came for: sales.

Vendors displaying farm machinery and livestock handling equipment saw their biggest crowds on Thursday and Friday while those with cookware, cutlery and other home items drew the biggest numbers on Saturday.

BAD BOY: This giant orange dog stood out in the row of outside exhibits on the show grounds. He is the mascot of Bad Boy tools.

Eddie Estes, CEO of Western Kansas Manufacturer's Association, the 3i Show organizer, said that is typical of past shows which tend to draw more urban visitors and families on Saturday.

This slideshow offers a glimpse of some of what this year's show was all about.

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