4th Annual Meat-In Day Encourages Students to Support Ag

4th Annual Meat-In Day Encourages Students to Support Ag

Students are reminded that without farming, we will have no food.

In keeping with tradition, Penn State students in the College of Agricultural Sciences once again joined forces to put on a showing of their support for animal agriculture. This year marked the 4th anniversary of Meat-In Day, an event originally started by Penn State Alumnus and former National Beef Ambassador Chris Molinaro (the National Beef Ambassador Team is funded in part by the beef checkoff).

On March 18, approximately 175 students from the College of Agriculture Sciences donned two different t-shirts to show their support around campus. And, members of four major college student organizations came to help with the event that was established as a proactive response to the Great American Meatout Day, which celebrated its 25th anniversary.

More than 1,700 pieces of beef jerky were handed out at the student union building as well as in the dinning commons area. The jerky was accompanied by educational flyers about the health benefits of beef.

“Students enthusiastically took pictures with the ever-popular Patty Melt,” says Allison Bardella, National Beef Ambassador Team member from Pennsylvania. “The students really enjoyed learning about what beef producers do on a daily basis to take their food from the pasture to plate.”

The National Beef Ambassador Program continues to provide an opportunity for youth to educate consumers and students about beef nutrition, food safety and stewardship practices of the beef industry through activities such as the Meat-In Day.

For more information about the Beef Ambassador Team, visit NationalBeefAmbassador.org. For more information about your checkoff investment, visit MyBeefCheckoff.com.
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