7 ag stories you might have missed this week

7 ag stories you might have missed this week

Goat giveaway, bird flu biosecurity, fried foods and farm equipment tech tinkering

Need to catch up? Here are some food, agriculture and farm stories you might have missed this week.

1. N application savings. Growers who sidedress nitrogen on corn see years where little to no additional N is needed to make corn yield goals. Farm Futures

2. Bird flu biosecurity. Though the CDC says H5N2 bird flu is a low risk to humans, farm workers are being offered antiviral protection. Reuters

3. All the work, none of the debt? Alabama couple plans to give away goat farm for an essay. WAAY

4. GMO 'gimmick' Chipotle's move to non-GMO ingredients isn't hailed by all. Washington Post Editorial Board

5. Superweed or not? The Weed Science Society of America this week released a definition for the term "superweed" -- and it doesn't have as much to do with herbicide resistance as some think. Farm Progress

6. French fries and freedom. Texas ag commissioner says outlawing of deep-fried foods in schools hampers local districts' ability to make individual choices. Wall Street Journal

7. Tech tinkering. Farm editor weighs in on a recent editorial debating ownership of today's tech-heavy farm equipment. Farm Industry News (commentary)

And your bonus:

Goat annoyance. So there's a variety of prank apps out there but this one might take the cake. Business Insider

This. is. awesome.


John deere tractor for children

Posted by The operator on Sunday, April 12, 2015

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