7 Things You Might Have Missed this Week

7 Things You Might Have Missed this Week

Impressive planting progress, country of origin labeling and a moveable 'rain' shed

Need to catch up? Here are some stories you might have missed this week.

1. Senate Farm Bill work rolls on. The U.S. Senate Thursday wrapped up deliberations on their version of the 2013 Farm Bill, building on work started Monday. Work will continue June 3 upon legislators' return from Memorial Day recess. In the meantime, check out major actions to date: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 and Day 4.

2. Planters are really rolling. This week's Crop Progress report showed farmers were rolling hard this week, covering a record 41.8 million acres in just one week! Here's a summary of all the data.

Impressive planting progress, country of origin labeling and a moveable farm shed

3. Will $40 soon get you a bull's genetic profile? It might, because researchers at Cornell are working on a less-expensive method for genotyping. And that can pay off for livestock breeders in terms of shorter waiting periods for determining a bulls probability for producing offspring with specifically selected traits.

4. USDA releases new Country of Origin Labeling regulations. USDA Thursday implemented new rules regarding meat labeling in effort to comply with World Trade Organization requests. But not all industry groups are pleased with the decision. Find out why.

5. What do seed signs say to consumers? Consumers tend to react to seed signs dotting the edge of a field in a way most farmers wouldn't expect, according to Farm Futures blogger LaVell Winsor. Find out their reaction.

6. Farm Futures is going global! Farm Futures is set to host farm tours to four continents, each designed to give you (and maybe your spouse!) the experience of a lifetime. From South Africa to China, and from Brazil to Australia, you'll broaden your perspective on global agriculture while enjoying some of the great sight-seeing wonders of the world. And each tour is hosted by one of four Farm Progress contributors.

7. Bill Gates finds fertilizer fascinating. Fertilizer isn't the most scintillating of conversation starters or something one would bring up to impress someone on a first date, but Bill Gates thinks otherwise.

And your bonus:

Ever seen a moveable 60x180 shed? No really, it does move. And just the picture is cool. It's part of the Monsanto Water Learning Center project – and allows researchers to study rainfall on crops in real situations.

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