7000 Series Tractors Get New Model

7000 Series Tractors Get New Model

The 7530 Premium Series tractor offers big-shoulder power in a smaller frame size.

The popular 7030 Premium Series Tractors are getting an added machine this fall with the new 7530 Premium. This 180-engine-horsepower machine offers customers features and options similar to the 7430, but adds extra power for loader work or field work. The unit is also sized right for mower-conditioners, pulling 12-row planters and handling most light tillage chores.

Power comes from a John Deere PowerTech 6.8-liter engine. The tractor also has the ComfortGard Premium Cab and a rear hitch-lift capacity of 10,600 pounds.

This 180-engine horsepower machine offers added choice in the 7030 series line for John Deere.

Running hydraulically powered machinery is no problem either. The 7530 has a 29-gallon-per-minute closed-center, pressure and flow compensated hydraulic system, and updated CommandCenter controls that allow the operator to dial in the machine's hydraulics to fit the task at hand.

The 7530 Premium Tractor has similar power levels and a slightly smaller wheelbase at 105.7 inches, compared to the larger 7730 Premium model with a 112.6-inch wheelbase. Fuel-saving options include the 540E/1,000/1,000E power takeoff. When operated in economy mode, the PDO lets you decrease engine rpms and maintain PTO speed to save fuel. And there's the optional Infinitely Variable Transmission that allows you to run the tractor from just feet-per-hour to 25 mph, and any speed in between.

For a smoother ride, you can add triple-link suspension too. This independent suspension system smoothes out the user's ride.

You can learn more by visiting JohnDeere.com.

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